Thursday, November 27, 2008

Hello India!

Dear Reader,
In the wake of recent Mumbai terror attacks, I am starting this blog, with a hope that this attack has shaken us all enough that we realise that we have to do something now.
This blog is not to throw blames on X country, or government or terrorists. This blog is for us to share our thoughts on what we can do to make world a better place. This blog will not entertain any offensive comments of any kind. Any reader tempted to promote his religion might have to look for another option. In this blog the only religion that we understand is humanity. We all are humans before anything else. I will start writing about my ideas as what I can do as an Indian to make things better. You can share your ideas too. I am sorry that I have to put all comments for approval first. This is just to keep the troubled minds away.
Last but not the least, every drop counts. Lets stand up for ourselves and do our bit. Lets just be good humans and we will definitely be good Indians.
Take care of yourself.

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