Saturday, November 29, 2008

Yes we r hurt

Yes we all saw what happened in Mumbai,
Yes we all were hurting when we saw those scenes,
Yes we all cried when we saw Karkare, Salaskar and Kamate's funerals,
Yes we are all proud of our NSG, Marcos, Army and Navy,
Yes we all are proud of Mrs Karkare to refuse 1 Crore,
Yes we all feel high time India does something.

but yes after a week or 2 all this will take backseat and we will get busy in our lives, in our jobs,
So will the other terrorists, in and ourside India,
the corrupt politicians, who till 25th Nov 08 were defaming Karkare and doing other horrible things to India.

and after few days we will think " hmpf, I really wish it doesnt happen again, I really wish I could do something, but what?

and then after few months the history will repeat its cycle.

Isn't it?
Will you do something different this time?

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