Thursday, November 27, 2008

Mumbai Attacks

Of all the photographs of the attacks that we saw in last 3 days, I chose to put this here. This photograph speaks volumes to me. It gives me a hope that if some people are out there killing innocent people, there are also some people who hold the hand of needy and take them to safety.

I know it is this policeman's job but we all like to get appreciation for job that we did well. For me its a kind of lesson to do my bit. An obvious question that comes to mind is what difference can bunch of us make. Well if 10-12 terrorists can make such a big difference, I dont think there is a limit to the difference that we can make. And I think there is one LESSON that we need to learn from those terrorists. DETERMINATION. They had determination to kill people. We have to be determined to contribute to make India safe and then spread it to the whole world.

You might want to ask, well the attacks have happened, what can I do now? You know what will I do? I will take some food and my pocket money and share it with the injured. What you can/will/shall do is upto you to decide.

I had a lot to write. But I just saw the funerals of our cops who lost their lives fighting for us. I am all crying and will get back to writing later.
Please participate. Let us join hands to stand up for ourselves. Let us be more aware of security concerns and other concerns that India faces right now. Let us not keep blaming the government and the Police force. Let us do our bit first.


Balvinder Singh said...

I can feel the heat of your ignited mind. Yes we have to stand up now and be counted. We have heard our political leaders (if at all they are leaders) enough. Each citizen will have to contribute to making our country safe if not for ourselves, at least for our children. I wish you all the best. Keep it up.

J P Joshi said...

You chose just the right photograph. In such times the goodness in the human spirit gets forgotten. Thank you for this photograph of hope.

Each of us have shed tears watching the scenes and what you say makes a lot of sense. We all must do our part as an Indians. Do your part and have faith.